With more than 35 years of experience in the sector, METLOX KİLİT considers customer satisfaction as our basic principle and with this vision, we export products to more than 20 countries including Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Jordan and Azerbaijan.

Customer Satisfaction

The most important value for us is to satisfy our customers.

Experience and Quality

METLOX applies its 35 years of experience to produce high performance top quality products to satisfy customer needs.

5 year warranty

We provide 5 years warranty for all products sold locally and internationally.

How to Change Silent Lock Latch Direction?

METLOX Kilit Sanayi Ticaret A.Ş. is a manufacturer of lock systems and equipments for Entry and Interior Doors.With its 35 years of experience and its own innovations, METLOX is a strong candidate for being the pioneer of the sector.
Address and Contact Information
  • Selahaddin Eyyubi Mah.1629. Sok.A1 Blok Apt.No:2/5 Esenyurt-İstanbul/Türkiye

  • +90 212 672 86 72 -73

  • +90 212 672 86 74

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